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Your Safety & Well-being

Choosing the right person or company to provide care and support for you or a loved one is not an easy decision. You need someone who is caring with the right knowledge and skills, someone you can rely upon and most importantly someone whom you can trust.

On these pages we guide you through some of the key points you need to be aware of when exploring different options.

ELMS Health Solutions Employs care workers under agreed contracts and terms and conditions. These require care workers to follow our policies and procedures for providing safe care.
Personal Assistant: You employ the personal assistant which means you need to draw up an employment contract with appropriate terms and conditions.
ELMS Health Solutions Carries out an assessment with you to help you decide which services you want and how you would like these to be provided.
Personal Assistant: You decide which services you require from your personal assistant and how you want them to provide this.
ELMS Health Solutions Matches your requirements with a suitable care worker.
Personal Assistant: You decide if a personal assistant has the right skills, knowledge and personal attributes to provide your care and support safely and to protect your rights.
ELMS Health Solutions Arranges a timetable with you, setting out when the care worker will provide your service and for how long.
Personal Assistant: You need to agree the dates and times that your personal assistant will call. This means making phone calls and finding out what has happened if the personal assistant fails to show up.
ELMS Health Solutions Manages the payroll and deals with tax and national insurance.
Personal Assistant: As the employer you need to make appropriate deductions for tax and national insurance.
ELMS Health Solutions Has a comprehensive range of written policies and procedures which care workers are required to follow. These are designed to make sure each customer's care and support is provided safely and competently.

Personal Assistant: You need to develop a written job description so the personal assistant is clear about the requirements of their role including the skills, experience and values they will need to have. Consider what other written information they will need to make sure they carry out their duties correctly and in the way that you require.

ELMS Health Solutions Trains and supervises care workers. Failure to follow the correct working practices invokes ELMS Health Solutions disciplinary procedure.
Personal Assistant: You are the boss and so you are responsible for managing performance and discipline. Make it clear from the outset what action will be taken if an employee breaches the agreed ways of working.
ELMS Health Solutions Carries out health and safety and risk assessments (checking to see what tasks you need help with and making sure they're carried out as safely as possible by the care worker)
Personal Assistant: You must consider what health and safety risk assessments are needed and decide who will carry these out.
ELMS Health Solutions Has professional liability insurance and has responsibility under Health and Safety law if the customer or care worker is injured in the course of their work
Personal Assistant: You must have adequate insurance cover in case of injury to the personal assistant or yourself.
ELMS Health Solutions Is responsible for finding other care workers to meet your needs. We have a team of care workers who are able to provide cover for holidays, sickness and other periods of absence or if your care worker leaves.
Personal Assistant: You should have alternative cover arrangements for when your personal assistant is on holiday or off sick from work. If your personal assistant leaves you will need to go through the recruitment process again.
There are organisations who can offer advice and guidance on employing your own personal assistant. This might include developing job descriptions, recruitment and training and information about your legal responsibilities. Some organisations may be able to handle parts of the employment process on your behalf, for example payroll.