Your local authority (council)

Your local authority (council) may cover some or all of the cost of care in some circumstances, but its help is "means-tested". This means that who pays depends on what your needs are, how much money you have, and what level and type of care and support you require. For more information visit Cambridge, Northampton , Bedfordshire County Council websites.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

If the person you care for has very severe and complex health needs, they may qualify for NHS continuing healthcare. This is an ongoing package of care that's fully funded by the NHS. In some areas of the country, you can arrange your NHS Continuing Healthcare using a personal health budget - similar to the personal budgets for social care outlined above. Find out about personal health budgets

Self Funding & Direct Payments

It is possible to fund all your home care services yourself. Funding your own home care or live in care opens up a wide range of choice in terms of care and support you receive. We work closely with the NHS and public sector partners to provide care and support options which are free and accessible to all, we also offer a range of services for those who are able to fund their own care.